SIX karatekas from the famed ZimNinja Academy have cheered the country amid the uncertainty brought by the Covid-19 pandemic after scooping 15 medals in the second edition of the virtual International Karate & Kobudo Championships last week.

The mega event was hosted by India with contestants drawn from 24 countries.

And Zimbabwean fighters, who have been participating in the virtual events over the past year, once again gave a good account of themselves, winning the country 15 medals, including seven gold, six silver and four bronze.

The academy fielded one female athlete, Mitchell Machingura, who didn’t disappoint after capturing gold in the Kobudo weapon kata performing Nicho no Sai kata and a Bronze medal in a separate entry.

She also partnered Fredson Mhondiwa in combinations and the pair delivered home two gold and a bronze medal.

Six-year-old Wilfred Mashaya (Jnr) won a gold and a bronze in the weapon kata, Terukawa no tonfa and Karate kata categories respectively.

His father Wilfred (Snr), the founder of ZimNinja Academy, weighed in with a pair of silver medals in traditional and Kobudo Weapon katas while the ever improving Vincent Fambira took gold in the weapon Kata performing Hamahiga no Tonfa.

Fredson Mhondiwa, on the other hand, won a silver medal in the Kobudo weapon kata doing Toma bo kata as well as a bronze in karate while Brian Shepeni added the same colors doing Nicho no Sai in Weapon Kata.

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