Hip-hop musician Alishias Musimbe, known as Maskiri in music circles, has released a hip hop song “Mbinga from Binga” that has generated mixed feelings on social media, as some fans expressed dissatisfaction with his inclusion of the murdered Murehwa boy Tapiwa Makore’s name.

Tapiwa Makore was killed at the age of seven in a suspected ritual practice and was buried without his head after all efforts to locate it were in vain.

In the song, Maskiri sang, “Handina musoro kunge Tapiwa Makore… ,” a part that has sparked outrage on social media.

People who have listened to the song insist Maskiri could have done better than revealing his insensitivity when it comes to painful social issues.

“The man has crossed the lines,” said one of Maskiri’s fans on social media. “Tapiwa Makore is not supposed to be in the song judging from the view that the parents lost a child and are still mourning. The family will not cease to mourn.”

A Facebook fan, Simon Dusky Bvirwa, said Maskiri should remove the offensive part from the song.

“But if possible, line raTapiwa iro should be removed it brings a sorrow memory even to the family, pliz do something there,” said Simon Dusky Bvirwa

Another fan, Stan Nie, said Maskiri owed the Makore family an apology for being sarcastic in his new song.

“That was very insensitive of you,” he said.

Some fans were of the opinion that somehow it was artistic licence that is usually common with the genre.

“I understand that Maskiri has gone too far, maybe it is just a way for him to comeback into the industry. Somehow that is art, but it depends on who and how people react,” said one fan identified as Malcom.

Maskiri said he used Tapiwa Makore’s name as a metaphor, insisting music has no boundaries.

“Team B (My team), let me explain the Tapiwa line that I have used,” he posted on social media. “It is a metaphor: Tapiwa akawanikwa asina musoro because akawanikwa asisina musoro and nyaya ya Tapiwa inondibata pa mwoyo.

“Music knows no boundary, especially when you are expressing your feelings and emotions, you can go far.”

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