Those old enough to have watched Mhuri yavaMukadota on national television, remember the mother of that house.

As we glued our eyes on the set, this enigma of a woman, swept across minds as a typical strong mother, with a weird, funny and temperamental husband, whom she often tamed effortlessly.

Susan Chenjerai featured as Mai Rwizi and she fitted well into that cast, that she became a real life caricature of that character and her cast husband, Safirio Madzikatire, a.k.a Mukadota also made it look real.

While her cast husband and son Rwizi are both dead, she is still alive and kicking

She is now a full time pastor with The New Gospel Church of God.

Entertainment career

Early in her entertainment career, Susan was part of the Bantu Actors in 1951 and with Marandellas Bush Babies in 1958.

A fateful chance encounter with Mukadota, was soon to take her to super stardom. Safirio was impressed when he heard her singing at a function in Majubeki (a section of Mbare). Although she was still at school, Safirio asked Susan to join his band. She joined Mukadota’s band, Safe Brothers, in 1969.

In the music industry Susan also worked with big names such as the Wagon Wheels, Oliver Mtukudzi and Jordan Chataika.

Susan was also an adept song writer.

She is the one who wrote the hit song “KwaHunyani”. Mukadota later rerecorded the hit with Katarina.