Contemporary musician, Vimbai Zimuto, releases her new music video “Handigone” tonight inspired by the effects of Covid-19.

The video, which features South Africa-based Zimbabwean actor, Leroy Gopal, and contains semi-explicit content, which Zimuto said is not suitable for younger viewers, will be released on social media.

A teaser of the video caused a stir on social media after the singer posted it on various platforms.

It was shot by renowned videographer Andy “Cutta” Sobhuza at different locations in Harare.

In an interview, Zimuto, who is based in the Netherlands and is known for her semi-nude portraits on social media, said the song speaks about love and unity in difficult circumstances.

“It is dropping tomorrow night (tonight) and was inspired by nature and lockdown settings caused by the global pandemic.”

“Handigone”, which can be loosely translated to, “I can’t”, talks about how people are united and loving each other, especially during the lockdown.

“It means I can’t leave without you, there are certain moments when most families were busy with school, work and projects among others but now with Covid-19 lockdown, they are together, spending much time together.”

The song reflects how people can appreciate love.

“Now people can relate to each other very well because they are locked up and can appreciate each other. Imagine, now you can notice how beautiful your wife is or that your husband has a caring heart. It is about connecting.”