Filmmaker Leonard Chibamu has lauded the Government for supporting him during his expedition to participate in the Nollywoodetal second edition of content monetisation series.

Chibamu is a cross-disciplinary expert from finance to creative industry. He is a passionate filmmaker who directs LeoChi Media Consultancy, a company registered in Zimbabwe. He is also a writer, director and producer of the film sequel, “Zvoitwasei” and “Village Secrets”, a drama series that is showing on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Television.

Chibamu was on the panel of Nollywoodetal 2nd edition of content monetisation series with the theme “Content Monetisation: The Brand Placement Option” held virtually last month.

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Government for supporting me. Had it not been the hand of the Government, nothing would be possible,” said Chibamu.

“l recently participated in a webinar representing the country and Southern Africa on Nollywoodetal organised by African filmmakers on topic; ‘Content monetisation: Brand Placement’ where I got Government and corporate support.”

The discussion is now held quarterly and slated for September. Chibamu would be participating as part of the panel of African experts.

“The programme is now held on a quarterly basis and I was also nominated to participate in the next event scheduled for September. Such an endorsement on the African fora is not only my personal achievement but an endorsement of the role that Zimbabwe plays on the African cinema landscape.”