Tunis/Tunisia — The Swiss company Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC Cruises) will be back in Tunisia after 7 years of absence and will reschedule the Tunisian destination as from 2022, through the holding of 27 cruises onboard its ship “MSC” towards the port of La Goulette, its Executive President Pierfrancesco Vago announced.

The company is also interested in the port of Zarzis and is seriously studying the request for its inclusion in its cruise programme, he added during a meeting, on Wednesday in Geneva (Switzerland), with Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, Habib Ammar, who is on a working visit to Switzerland, until June 18th, 2021.

The Minister of Tourism, on this occasion, indicated that the return of the world cruise giant in 2022, will reinforce the influence of the Tunisian destination and will attract an important category of tourists, which will contribute to revive the Tunisian tourism and will insufflate a commercial dynamics in the country, in particular for the sectors of handicrafts, historical sites and tourist restaurants.

Ammar also exposed the strategy of his department for the revival of the tourist activity, by emphasising the sanitary protocol relating to the tourist sector which was elaborated to guarantee the best sanitary conditions for the reception of tourists.

He also mentioned the beginning of the vaccination of the employees of the tourist sector against the coronavirus, which will guarantee the safety of the workers of the sector as well as of the national and foreign tourists.

For his part, Vago evoked the solid relations that his company has with Tunisia, which pushed him to invest in Tunisia, notably at the level of the port of La Goulette, by refurbishing the quay reserved for cruises and all its components, underlining that the number of cruises to Tunisia could exceed 27 cruises with the readiness of the port of Zarzis to welcome the cruises of the giant ship “MSC”.

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