MIKUMI national park is Tanzania’s fourth-biggest national park. It’s additionally the most open from Dar es Salaam. With confirmed wildlife sightings, it makes a perfect safari goal for those who are busy and have less time to travel, two days or more can get you an opportunity to explore the splendor of Mikumi national park.

Since the formation of a highway connecting Mikumi national park to Dar es Salaam Tanzania’s busiest and largest city, Mikumi National Park has been slated to be a major hotspot for the travel industry in Tanzania.

Situated between the Uluguru Mountains and the Lumango go, Mikumi is the fourth biggest national park in Tanzania and just a couple of hours drive from Tanzania’s biggest city.

The park center has a wide assortment of natural life that can be simply spotted and furthermore very much suitable for viewing in a game drive.

Its vicinity to Dar es Salaam and the measure of wildlife that live inside its fringes makes Mikumi National Park a well-known choice for those travelers who don’t have much time but also want to enjoy a wildlife safari to Mikumi national park.

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