Tokyo — Michelle Weber is still only 24 and Tokyo is already her second Olympics, and as long as the hunger is there, her talent will put her in the mix for Paris and in that rare category of being a three-time Olympian.

First published in the Daily Maverick 168 weekly newspaper.

There’s a knock on the interview room door inside Team SA’s Olympic Village headquarters. In steps Michelle Weber, wearing her black mask, which hides much of her face but not the two fresh wounds above her right eye.

She’s here to talk about her morning, having competed in the women’s 10km marathon open water swim.

“Come on in. What happened to the eye?”

“I don’t really know … these races are always physical. There was a girl yellow-carded so I think it might have happened then. This is the Olympics, the girls are aggressive, and even though there were only 25 of us, the Olympics is extra competitive.”

Weber clocked two hours six minutes 56.5 seconds in finishing 21st, the race being won by Brazil’s Ana Marcela Cunha. Now, a couple of hours later, back in the village, Weber is keen to talk about her experience.

She isn’t disappointed…

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