The Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Sports, Arts and Culture, Ms Beauty Dlulane, has noted with shock the passing of the legendary mbaqanga musician, Steve Kekana.

Ms Dlulane said Steve lived an exemplary life where he dared his own disability and went on to be a hero that endeared himself to so many South African homes through his music, wit and humour.

“Steve Kekana is a living example that people with disabilities can excel in anything and in any field. The important thing that our young people should learn from this departed hero is never to underestimate an individual’s capability even if one lives with a disability,” said Ms Dlulane.

Steve Kekana passed away on Thursday after making a number of mbaqanga music ballads, including the hit “Take Your Love and Keep It”. He was among the legends such as Lazarus Kgagudi and Babsy Mlangeni, who dared blindness and made soulful and forever green sounds.

Ms Dlulane said Steve’s passing marks an end of an error. “To say this was a hero perhaps is underestimating the artist that Steve was; he was a legend. He lived with legends who dared blindness and in the process immortalised their names.”

Steve Kekana was also legally qualified despite living with blindness.

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