Following Monday’s announcement of a new lockdown in Kigali to curb further spread of Covid-19, the Ministry of Sports has suspended all sporting activities apart from individual physical exercises in and around homes.

“The Ministry of Sports informs City of Kigali residents that sports activities are not permitted during lockdown,” reads a statement from the ministry.

However, according to the communique, individual exercises at home and in boundaries of the village are allowed.

“Exercising at home is encouraged, individual walking and jogging is also permitted, but strictly within the limits of the village (Umudugudu) of residence, and in compliance with Covid-19 preventive measures. Group sports and exercise are strictly prohibited,” the Ministry highlighted.

Via her Twitter account on Tuesday, January 19, Aurore Mimosa Munyangaju, the Minister for Sports said that the violation of the new guidelines will not be tolerated.

“Anyone who does not comply with COVID-19 safety regulations will be punished by the National Police,” She said.

On Monday, January 18, a cabinet meeting issued strict guidelines to be observed so as to slow the spread of new Covid-19 infections.

Rwanda is currently witnessing an acute rise in coronavirus numbers with 46 per cent of the total cases and 60 per cent of Covid-19 fatalities having been recorded in the last 50 days, according to the Minister of Health, Dr Daniel Ngamije.

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