The actress says she is not Kannywood’s first divorcee.

Mansura Isah, the ex-wife of Kannywood star, Sani Danja, has asked her critics to stop accusing and calling her names because she is a divorcee.

Isah, who made waves as Kannywood’s first female video editor before she delved into acting in the late 1990s,and her ex-husband were an admirable celebrity couple before they parted ways in May.

The actress on Wednesday hit back at her critics in a statement written in Hausa language and posted on her Instagram page.

In the post, she warned her critics to steer clear from her personal affairs.

” Hmmm, I took new pictures of myself and shared them on my page. You people said that is why I leave my marriage, I traveled to other places you said that is why I left my marriage.

” I want you all to know that I am not worried. I will do whatever pleases me. I don’t care how all of you feel or what you will say. I am not the first person to be divorced. Is it that you do not know what divorce is or ever heard of it?

She also asked them to leave her alone because she is not Kannywood’s first divorcee.

” The prophet has divorced his wife, Allah has allowed for divorce in Islam so what is new? I see that some people even launched new social media pages just to criticise and abuse me. I don’t care.

” Even some elderly people will come to my page and abuse me. I want everything one of you finds comfort in abusing me so that I will never forgive him or her,” she said.