Following the first wave of the dreaded COVID-19 that his the world in 2020 and almost shutdown the entertainment industry, many celebrities have continued to count their loses and hope that 2021 wouldn’t be like what they experienced in 2020. ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM and SAMUEL ABULUDE seek opinions from celebrities in entertainment on their expectations for 2021

May God Heal The World – Segun Arinze (veteran actor and filmmaker)

I don’t even know what to expect again. 2020 was “Covified” and we are still on the matter heading into 2021. My prayer is that God heals the world from what we have found ourselves in. That His grace and glory take pre- eminence. I look forward to nerve soothing and rancour free 2021. Life first, before any expectations. I wish all my fans, well wishers, friends and family a prosperous 2021. Let’s stay safe too.

Film making Will Experience Revolution – Derik Joshua Imuzai (Derik zai)

I’m a film director, producer and video editor. I’m also a thought leader, the executive Director of Afrikraft Development Foundation, the founder of Off The Streets Project. To start with from my own point of view, 2020 was indeed a great year, that drove everybody back to the drawing board, both great and small, it was very challenging but challenges are what makes a man great. It’s painful most people lost their loved ones in 2020, but life goes on. I have high hopes that Nigeria will get it right 2021. Starting from the kind of stories filmmakers tell, I expect a great revolution in putting Nigeria in good light to the world. Instead of just telling the common stories about emotions, crime, films that promote hate or sexuality; there will be films that will sell the good image of Nigeria to the world, film that are highly educative, that promote peace, that speak of our rich culture and heritage. I expect the government to carry the entertainment industries along to use them as a catalyst in promoting peace, good governance, skills. Also, they should invest more in raw talent development. 2021 will be a year of recovery. Ihavenodoubtaboutit. But we all need to put humanity first and get it right.

No plans yet – Shan George (film maker)

For the first time in my life, I’m not planning anything for the year. 2020 had been extremely turbulent for me and the world generally. So I’m just sitting and praying for life and good health for me, my family and everyone out there. So far, we thank God.

It Will Be A Great Year – Fidelis Duker (filmmaker)

I hope for a better Nigeria. 2021 will be a great year for all of us. I see some of the challenges we experienced in 2020 as a wake up call.

You will recall that 2020 was a year the film industry and entertainment industry was badly affected, so I expect that the year will afford me the opportunity of making a film on an iconic sporting legend.

The film will be shot around the third quarter of the year. However, I am also optimistic that FAD FM will open in Abuja and Ogun State. 2021 will be a good year.

Year Of Witty Invention, Cultural Appreciation – Victor Ademofe

2021 is a great year of release of witty invention, global exploration, self-exploration, delivery of long time concept and a more deepened cultural appreciation.

As an advocate of my culture, I intend to educate with my music the core values of moral ethics for a More disciplined and more cultural oriented society.

The Will Be More Opportunities – Mykel Parish (founder, Nollywood International Travel Film Festival)

With what we saw in 2020, nobody can tell. There are expectations that more focus will be in Africa and then investors will find ways to engage stakeholders. Tech will thrive and more channels for distribution will open.

Uche Iwuji

2021 is going to be a great year with lots of financial fulfilment and my announcements.

Take Things One Day At A Time – Darlene Oluchi Odogbili (actor/ producer)

I have been thinking, I honestly don’t know the right words to put it because as it stands, the pandemic has changed a lot of things and when it comes to entertainment, most people are thinking of going digital with their contents/ business. No one knows what tomorrow holds. As of today, people should take things one day at a time. Cinema culture has been affected, as a lot of people aren’t comfortable going to the cinema to see a movie.