Over twenty children of the late rally race driver Lucas Hipondoka will not attend their father’s funeral on Saturday at Walvis Bay.

Hipondoka died on Monday morning at Walvis Bay. He had over 35 children.

His Windhoek-based son Norman Tjombe is among those who will not attend the funeral.

“I am not going to the funeral. Those who are in Walvis Bay will bury him on our behalf,” he said yesterday.

His other son, Ivory Uirab, acknowledged that many people would have loved to be there, but they will not even attempt to divide people up into groups to attend the funeral.

This, according to Uirab, is to avoid the potential spread of Covid-19 among the siblings who are from different towns.

“We are from different houses and will need to be there for each other beyond my father’s funeral. We agreed that only seven of us in Walvis Bay, with our two aunts, will attend the funeral,” said Uirab.

Uirab added that the family plans to celebrate Hipondoka’s legacy once life returns to normal.

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