LIVING life fast and furious, young Namibian singer and painter Charmy ‘Kurzca’ Kurz dropped her third music video for her latest track ‘Body Talk’, much to the surprise and delight of fans and followers.

The RTE Records signee has been living it up in the Dominican Republic for the past few days according to her social media posts, and decided to turn the blog footage of her trip into a music video for the fun and sensual song.

“We got stuck in the Dominican Republic for 14 days, so we gon’ shoot a music video,” says the artist, before footage breaks away into scenes of her living her best life in the beachy country.

The song is fun and lighthearted and shows her skill to create carefree sounds. The visuals have however received a mixed reaction. Many people are praising the young artist for her international sound and quality, while others are questioning the need for her to be scantily clad in her appearance.

To one such person who implied she could not complain about the sexual harassment women face if she herself dressed this way, she responded elegantly that women deserve respect regardless of whether they were fully clothed or half naked.

“What women wear doesn’t define us,” she answered calmly.

‘Body Talk’, a love song, that’s a little explicit and even more crazy visually, gained 6 000 views in the first 10 hours of its release at around midnight on Monday, with numbers continuing to climb as Namibians woke up and become aware of the new sound.

Kurzca’s last hit, ‘Dat Is Good’ featuring South African rapper Nadia Nakai sits at 146 000 views, making her RTE Records highest performing artist.

– Anne Hambuda is a poet, writer and social commentator from Windhoek, Namibia.

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