The king of Ma/gaisa music, Stanley Hamaseb, popularly known as ‘Ou Stakes’, has been hospitalised at Swakopmund with Covid-19.

Hamaseb told The Namibian on Sunday he had been in hospital at Swakopmund for the past week. He said he was recovering well and might be discharged next week.

‘Ou Stakes’ (41) said he was taken off a ventilator three days ago but was still experiencing difficulty with breathing.

He advised music lovers and Namibians at large to take the novel coronavirus disease seriously. “Covid-19 is a reality. It’s hitting us hard. People think it’s a joke but it’s not,” Hamaseb said.

“Wear your mask properly, not on your chin. People think it’s not a reality but once you are in hospital you feel it,” he warned.

The Ma/gaisa music king said contracting Covid-19 felt like losing one’s breath.

“Please let’s follow government’s measures. I am talking out of experience. Listen to what the president says, take it seriously,” he said.

‘Ou Stakes’ started his musical career in 2005 and has released eleven albums.

His music is frequently heard on the airwaves of Kaisames Radio (formerly the Damara/Nama radio service) as well as National Radio. He has twice been the winner as the best Damara Punch (Ma/gaisa) artist at the Namibian Music Awards (NAMAs), in 2007 and 2008.

His latest album, titled #Noa #Uirab ta #Na, was released in December.

He says the 14-track album is about life and its unexpected turns. “You get into something you didn’t expect, in life challenges await you. Life has its mysteries,” he said about the record.

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