As the number of Covid-19 infections continues to rise in the country, sport is not immune. I have been reliably informed that some parents are up in arms after their young athletes contracted the virus following participation in various sport.

While this is not unique in any way – as we have heard of healthcare workers, security personnel, teachers, and colleagues contracting the virus within their specialised environment – it is still worrying.

The infection of young athletes raises concern over the sport sector’s preparedness on returning to the arena.

While there are national safety guidelines to be observed, does the sector have the capability and competency to monitor and implement these guidelines?

Who is responsible for making sure the Namibian sport sector is ready? What resources are available for academies, clubs, regional organisations and federations in implementing Covid-19 guidelines and protocols?

I’m just saying it is of the utmost importance that the sector comes together to address and influence how the guidelines and protocols are being formulated to take into consideration the specific unique nature of sport.

The corporate sector has adopted a pragmatic approach, where working from home, in shifts or online is becoming the norm.

This is guided by the capacity within the corporate sector to be able to make resources available that assess the risks within the organisation and provide recommendations on how to deal with the new normal.

I’m just saying the corporate sector is putting its money where its mouth is due to the fact that it has the necessary financial muscle to do so.

The sport sector is run by volunteers with meagre funding from the government that is usually swallowed up by administrative costs.

Bluntly put, sport will not able to deal with the pandemic.

Never mind the funds required for such a massive undertaking, there is a serious shortage of qualified and competent leaders in the fraternity to develop a comprehensive containment strategy.

I’m just saying.

*Mathew T Haikali is a sport consultant and managing member of Just Imagine Sports.

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