FASHION designer and lifestyle enthusiast Melisa Poulton will combine her love of fashion, entertainment and food with the House of Poulton Gin Cocktail Picnic Party set to debut later this month.

The first of a collection of events marrying fashion, lifestyle and mixology, the series will be a hive of glamour and great cocktails, featuring a new base alcohol each month.

To begin with, Poulton will be using gin and employing the skills of sought-after mixologist Nande ‘LoneWolf’ Ishuna.

“House of Poulton will be hosting a series of events during the course of the year. The gin and cocktail picnic party is our very first event where people can sip on some cocktails, enjoy some good food and music, and also have the opportunity to shop some House of Poulton clothing items,” says Poulton, who wants people to dress to impress while enjoying Namibian talent and products.

“Ideally I wanted my first picnic party to be all-Namibian products, or celebrating everything Namibian,” she says.

“LoneWolf the mixologist will be creating a series of three special cocktails made especially for House of Poulton, and the gin we will be using is Namibia’s very own Gin, which I’m so excited about.”

With entertainment by Star.Keys the Pianist and DJ FineTune on the decks, the picnic party plans to round off its celebration of all things Namibian with flair.

“I’ve always wanted to do something like this, and I thought it would be a good way to combine my love for fashion, entertainment and food,” says Poulton.

“Some of the upcoming events will have mini fashion shows, and others will feature entertainment by local artists. All I can say is stay tuned – I will reveal more in due time.”

An event for anyone looking for something different on the social scene as well as the opening of what the fashion designer describes as a “fun-filled House of Poulton calendar for 2021”, the gin cocktail picnic party will take place on 20 and 27 March.

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