He is the music tap that never runs dry.

Whilst the Malawian music weather forecast can always be unpredictable and somewhat unidirectional, there is one man who knows exactly where Malawi music is going at the moment.

This man, himself a legendary music icon, who in his hey-day made a deep-cut in world music spheres as a Hip-hop and Rap artist on the international music stage believes that now is the right time for Malawi music to go international.

His name is Tapps Bandawe. And he is on mission take Malawi music to the global level.

With 35 years of experience, as both a lead front-man and the technical hands behind the consoles Malawi’s leading music producer and beat-maker, Tapps Bandawe says:”Music is my life and the only universal language that I speak fluently.”

Bandawe, who owns 360 music studios downtown Blantyre adds: “Music is a feel-good philosophy of life. I think now is the right time for Malawi music to go international and make global strides. We have now good musicians who are not only talented but are also focussed, trendy and forward-thinking.”

The legendary music producer, who has had his lights shine brighter in the UK, South Africa and the world in the 1990’s has an immeasurable passion for music, and makes melodies with unadulterated music codes accompanied by a heart-conquering range that is pegged largely on the less-is-more side of music fence knows all too well what it takes to conquer the world musically.

“Now is the time to take Malawi music aloof to the world stage. I am ready to work with any artist who is ready. Music is the only way, as Malawians, we can directly speak to the world,” explains Bandawe, the man who made and produced one of Lucius Banda’s iconic songs of all times, Nthawi.

Tapps Bandawe, who is best known as the landlord in the music echelons for his pure and awe-inspiring midas music touch refers to Malawi’s leading and multi-award winning Afro-hip-hop artist, songwriter, Rapper and song of the year 2020 hit-maker, Phyzix, real name Noel Chikoleka who is also an entrepreneur, marketer and banker as one of the artist who is ripe enough to conquer the world.

Only last month, Malawi’s Information minister Gospel Kazako, who is himself a seasoned poet and broadcaster tweeted after listening to Phyzix’s song, Follow the leader, in which he features Eli Njuchi, that the rapper is ready for the international market outpouring praise for his lyrical and melodic ingenuity and precision.

In an interview with Nyasa Times, when asked about Bandawe’s assertions that Malawi has now matured musically and ready for the world market Kazako remarks:”

“If Tapps says we are ready it means we are ready. This is a guy who made great strides globally with his music and therefore I deduce that he knows exactly what he is talking about because he is an authority in that area.”

Adds Kazako: “As running tap, musicians in Malawi, especially the up-and-coming should go and tap some wisdom from Tapps for tips if they are to on atop with their music careers as Tapps has been there and done it all.

Bandawe also make mentions of Dice Zulu, Patience Namadingo and Sangie among the many possible artists who can go international if they keep pushing their hustle with a positive attitude that would give them the right altitude at the correct latitude.