As he stares at an exit from his role as Kenya Film Classification Board’s (KFCB) Chief Executive, Ezekiel Mutua’s tenure at the helm of the parastatal has not been short of drama.

If he was not issuing hard-hitting statements via his social media pages, then Mutua was probably warning artists over their conduct or even calling the police on them.

He even had spare time to distance himself from ‘gay lions’.

Here are some of the cases in point.

1. Mutua v Eric Omondi – Comedian Eric Omondi, who loves to refer to himself as the President of Comedy in Africa was, perhaps, Mutua’s greatest critic.

In March 2021, Mutua had Omondi arrested over the content on his online show ‘Wife Material 2’ which the Moral cop referred to as ‘brothel’. The show was later suspended indefinitely. The most recent altercation between the two came after Mutua, in a radio interview, claimed the comedian was broke. Omondi responded by showcasing bundles of cash on his social media pages and vowing to petition President Uhuru Kenyatta to have Mutua removed from office.

2. Mutua v (musician) Bahati – Mutua once offered to give musician, Kevin Mbuvi Kioko aka Bahati, Sh 200,000 to aid in the release of his new album. He would later change his mind, claiming videos the artist posted on his social media pages had breached their ‘clean content and partnership policy.’

Only for, you guessed it right, Omondi to chip in and ‘bail out’ Bahati.