Woow! The passage of the Anti-Doping (Amendment) Bill of 2020 on Tuesday night, as recommended by the National Assembly Department on Sports, Culture and Tourism, was, for lack of better words, a move in the right direction.

But first, many thanks to Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed for being steadfast in the fight against doping.

We are where we are because of her push to eliminate the menace and make sport clean.

She has been in the fore-front in the fight against doping and has not hidden her intentions to banish athletes from sport if found doping.

The National Assembly saved Kenya in the nick of time as the country risked incurring the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) wrath if it failed to align its anti-doping laws, codes and regulations within the agreed deadline.

Failing to align to the national legal framework of the 2021 Code within the set time-lines was going to result in a declaration of non-compliance by Wada.

The deadline for action was December 31, 2020, and non-compliance status would have led into the country being barred from participating in all future international sporting competitions including regional and international events.

The code, which was enacted in November last year, is a harmonised document outlining the anti-doping policies, rules and regulations that all sports organisations and public authorities worldwide should adhere to.