Maisha Magic East has announced the premiere of the award-winning investigative journalist John Allan Namu show Maisha Mkanda.

The former KTN investigative journalist John Allan Namu, who now heads Africa Uncensored, an outfit set up by Kenya’s finest investigative journalists, will again be a regular on our screen.

Maisha Mkanda is a docu-series that delivers topics of interest to the Kenyan public. Told in a compelling narrative style, it reveals sides to Kenya that are uplifting and at times horrifying.

The second season of the 13-episode which will premiere on Sunday is a character-driven documentary series.

This series takes a look at varied topics of interest to the Kenyan public.

Season 1 included stories such as Widow cleansing, I Survived, Slum to Sky part 1 and part 2, Stalker part 1 and part 2, Mkorogo, Eric’s story, Negligence, Road to Trauma, Unconditional love and Burden of Barrenness.

Life is a journey of discovery with ups and downs. It can be uplifting and at times horrifying. If you’ve always wanted to know more about why cyberbullying happens, or the severity of intimate partner violence, check out this promo video and, eventually, the full episodes on Maisha Magic East.

Here are some of the new episodes that will be aired in the coming weeks.

Alika – How far would you go to save an innocent stranger from her own parents? Or how far would you go to hide a dirty secret? This is the story of a little girl who endured years of horrific abuse, the people who saved her, and the price they paid as a result.