Hoteliers have urged the government to offer them Covid-19 reliefs and allow them to reopen their establishments, arguing that they have put in place adequate measures to contain Covid-19 infection

Local hospitality players have also asked the government to allow them defer taxes, or part of the taxes since the sector has collapsed and the current restrictions will see the sector take long to recover especially with the high number of infections being reported in the third wave.

Hotel and restaurant owners say they have put adequate strategies to contain spread of the virus and adhere to Ministry of Health protocols. They argue that with this, they should be allowed to operate to save livelihoods of over two million workers, who have been rendered jobless.

“Hotels and restaurants have been closed indefinitely. It is painful seeing staff stay home jobless, yet they have families to support,” said Hasnain Noorani, Pride Inn Group Managing Director, adding that it was that hotels and tourism industry players in Kenya are not given opportunity to give their views on simple solutions to ensure business go on.

He added, “The government has been silent on measures to give businesses a respite from the looming crisis. We call on them to give us a chance to defer taxes, or part of the taxes, since we are back to the mass closures that put us on our knees since last year.”

Mr Noorani said such measures will go a long way in saving these businesses from total ruin, and in the process save hundreds of thousands of jobs.