Mombasa — Kenya Coast hoteliers have welcomed the opening of Port of Lamu aimed at boosting logistics, travel and tourism industry in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hospitality players contend that the state art port of Lamu will catapult Kenya Coast tourism business giving it a much-needed lift to the sector’s fortunes.

Industry players opine that the modern facility will position Kenya as a passenger destination through the sea tourism and boost the sector.

“The Port of Lamu is set to position the coastal cities as passenger destinations through the sea tourism and boost the sector,” Said Hasnain Noorani, Chair, Kenya Coast Hoteliers working Group

“The operationalization of Lamu port will transform regional tourism and hospitality activities through increased trade, integration and connectivity,” he added

He noted that Kenya’s second commercial seaport will facilitate the docking of cruise ships hence stimulating the growth of regional tourism sector.

“The project will also grow the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by at least 3 %. This will help boost tourism, trade and local livelihood along the coast and beyond,” he added.

“It is now time for Kenya to start marketing campaigns for global cruise conventions to increase the number of international tourists arriving by sea. Cruise tourism, is a lucrative market for Kenya since visitors arriving by sea are in most cases high-end merrymakers,” said Victor Shitakha, Chairman, Kenya Coast Tourism Association