Actor Kamau Kinuthia, popularly known by his stage name Omosh, has rendered an apology to Kenyans for ‘hurting’ them.

Speaking in an online interview, the controversial actor stressed that he was sorry for having angered a section of Kenyans.

“Kenyans forgive me I know nimewa hurt wengi (I have hurt many people) that is what I know, with the responses I have been getting although some have been encouraging me. I know Kenyans nimewakosea (I’ve wronged you) but also thank you so much for forgiving me,” said Omosh.

“Ushawahi fanya kitu mpaka ukajiuliza what you did. Mpaka wewe mwenyewe unajichukia unajiuliza kwanini ulifanya hii kitu. Mpaka ninawish I never did it, reason being nimeudhi watu. Mimi nawaomba tuu msamaha you will never hear of that from me again (Have you ever done something and regretted it? Until you hate yourself. All I can ask for is an apology),” he went on.

Omosh has also opened up on falling into depression when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. It resulted in him seeking ‘refuge’ in alcohol.

“Kuna time ilikuwa nimekaa almost three years after kutoka rehab sikuwa natamani pombe, then after Corona when mashinda zilikam najipata saa zengine stress zimenishika. And then nilikuwa na beste ambao hatawakikupea pesa wanakuita mahali muchape kamoja kwanza, na unaogopa usipochapa hiyo kamoja hutapata hiyo pesa (There is a time I had stayed for three years after completing rehab and I was not even missing alcohol, then after the pandemic, I was stressed. I have friends who call you for drinks before lending you money).” said Omosh.

He explains the video of him that went viral capturing him drunk and being helped to walk by another person was a result of the attention he received from fans after the funds drive appeal.