President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said that Egyptian karateka Feryal Ashraf – a gold medal winner at the Tokyo Olympics – has honored Egypt’s name at the Games and made history.

Speaking in a telephone conversation with TV anchor Youssef el Husseini during the “Al Tas’ea” show on Egypt’s Channel One Sunday night, Sisi said that some bridges and corridors will be named after Ashraf and other Olympic champions.

Sisi offered three Hajj tickets to Ashraf and her parents.

The president told Husseini that he has been practicing karate since 1970, adding it is his favorite sports.

Egypt will pay bigger attention to karate and other sports, especially after Egyptian athletes won 6 medals at the Games.

Sisi said that more than 4,000 youth centers have been renovated over the past six years as part of Egypt’s national program to support youth and sports.

He reiterated the need to pay attention to sports because “sports is life”.

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