A team of the Grand Egyptian Museum has successfully installed the metal structure containing Khufu’s first boat in its final display place; at a building dedicated to the King’s boats.

Khufu’s first boat, also known as the solar boat, has safely arrived at the museum earlier in the day, coming from the Giza Pyramids Plateau.

Assistant Tourism Minister El Tayyeb Abbas said the boat would be preserved inside the metal structure till completing the building where the boats would be displayed.

A tight environmental control system has been placed inside the structure to monitor temperature and humidity.

After almost a year of preparations and studies, Khufu’s first boat was transported to its new building, currently under construction at the GEM.

Khufu’s second Boat, which has had its beams removed from its original pit in Giza Plateau to the GEM for restoration and reconstruction, will be exhibited beside its twin.


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