The coronation of Njie J. Mbanda recently crowned Chief of this village in Buea Subdivision was an important moment for the preservation of rites and customs.

Chief Njie Joseph Mbanda is the new traditional ruler of Lysoka Moliwe, a village in Buea Subdivision. He was enthroned on Thursday July 29, 2021 in Buea as a Third Class Chief. He took over from his late father Chief Njie Mbanda Williams who unfortunately died under very disturbing circumstances on July 27, 2018. In a colourful coronation ritual, the Buea Chiefs performed the necessary rites and customs initiating him to the throne. As this unfolded, the Malee Dance group invoked the spirit of the ancestors and the gods to give wisdom to the new Chief.

Chief Njie Mafany Martin, President of South West Chief’s Conference, counseled the new leader to live in harmony with his king makers, council of elders, quarter heads and subjects. That he should be a compassionate leader who shares willingly with the people of his community. Abba Abdouraman, the Divisional Officer for Buea, called on the Buea Chiefs to groom Chief Njie J. Mbanda and accompanied him to fulfill his duty. Chief Eko Nganje Isaac, Traditional Ruler of Bokoko-Buea called on the population of Lysoka Moliwe to rally behind their new king and give him the necessary support. He advised Chief Njie Mbanda to build a strong traditional council and work with them to ensure that his community is faring well.

Chief Njie J. Mbanda was saluted with ululation upon declaring to his subjects that he will walk in his late father’s peace crusader footsteps. That he has come with some innovative ideas for them to manage their community. He expressed gratitude to all who work hard to realise his coronation.

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