The organisation and quality of games have no doubt proven that this football is gaining grounds but could be even more superb if minor hitches are corrected.

Launched on November 14, 2020, the 2021 edition of the first division female football championship dubbed the Guinness Super League has come to end. It ended on August 8, 2021 with Awa FC crowned champions. The competition officially sponsored by Guinness Cameroun saw 12 clubs showing their technical knowhow on the pitches. Looking at the quality of the games and the organisation, one could say that female football has experienced a facelift but work still has to be done to make it even better.

Quality Of Games

It was a tough competition with great revelations, goals and excitement as the championship title was only determined at the last day of play. Awa FC made history by becoming winners of the competition with 56 points. Fans had the opportunity to watch tension producing fixtures. The leading clubs, Amazones FAP, Louves Minproff and Awa FC fought right to the last minute with each team following each other back-to-back. We saw several players sprout, scoring exciting goals in the likes of Brenda Tabe, Berthe Abega of Awa FC, Eliane Bibout of Éclair Filles, amongst others. We saw speed, strength, acceleration, agility and sheer power in most of the footballers making the games much more exciting. Berthe Abega indeed became a talk of the moment after being capable of scoring several free kicks. With all these strengths, there were still some games which remained really wanting. Wrong passes, wrong decisions and unnecessary mistakes at times made the games boring reason why the quality of the players and training need to be improved. One would equally wish to see the coaches rotate line-ups and give equal opportunities to all players. Having more supporters next season would equally galvanise the players hoping that Covid-19 poses no obstacle.