While representing the Prime Minister, the Minister of Transport on July 1, 2021 commissioned the new equipment to improve on the quality of service.

July 1, 2021 will go down history as the day Camrail relaunched the passengers train between Douala and Yaounde, after close to five years of no activity. The day was characterized by the launching of the “Express Train” that will ply the two towns, with five major stops.

Upon arrival in Yaounde at 10:45 am July 1, Transport Minister Ernest Ngalle Bibehe was on hand to hand over four new locomotives to Camrail to improve on their services. While handing over the locomotive, Minister Ernest Ngalle Bibehe said the government is bent on improving the transport sector in Cameroon, reason why they offered the four new locomotives. He added that the new locomotives will improve on the new express train. He said the government of Cameroon, in partnership with Camrail technicians, went in for the best. The Minister revealed that the four new locomotives have come to add to the nine others recently acquired by Camrail. Minister Bibehe added that apart from the new locomotives, railway structures have been modernized, railway stations have been renovated through the conversion of some spaces into VIP and popular waiting rooms, tickets selling spots have been multiplied with the introduction of electronic tickets.

He also used the opportunity to announce that works are ongoing to open up railways which will be made for public transportation from Edea-Kribi, Douala-Limbe and Yaounde-Belabo, just to name a few. He urged users of the express train to make good use of it by ensuring probity.

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