South Africa and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa are in the midst of ‘a perilous moment’, according to the IMF. The snail’s pace of vaccinations and the fastest growth in infections in the world is widening the ‘dangerous divergence’ in the global economy.

The race to vaccinate and achieve Covid-19 resilience and thus economic resilience continues apace. Sadly, the rate at which South Africa and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa are vaccinating is now by far the slowest in what is becoming a three-speed global vaccination roll-out.

This compares with the US, which has become the foremost Covid-19-resilient economy in the world, according to Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking, a far cry from the Covid mess in the world’s largest economy early in the pandemic.

India has also made huge, impressive strides in its vaccination drive, pulling the country out of its Covid morass just a month ago when images of overflowing hospitals, black market oxygen supplies drying up, and devastating death counts dominated the news. Now, it is the country with the second-highest vaccination rate after pipping the US to the post over the past month.

By contrast, South Africa, which had been warning about…

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