As of August 9, confirmed cases of Covid-19 from 55 African countries reached 7,015,346 while over  50,001,083 vaccinations have been administered across the continent.

Reported deaths in Africa reached 177,352 and 6,131,550 people have recovered. South Africa has the most reported cases 2,533,466 and 74,813 people died. Other most-affected countries are Morocco (696,282), Tunisia (610,660), Egypt (284,706), Ethiopia (284,091), Libya (267,846) and Kenya (211,828).

For the latest totals, see the AllAfrica interactive map with per-country numbers. The numbers are compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (world map) using statistics from the World Health Organization and other international institutions as well as national and regional public health departments.

AllAfrica interactive map with per-country numbers.

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