Since the 5th August, 2021, Showmax has brought to its subscribers a documentary about a 20-year-old Moroccan and his trips across the continent.

‘Africa and I’, a 90- minute documentary staring twenty-year-old Othmane Zolati, who had never left his home country of Morocco when he started his nearly four-year journey to Cape Town, South Africa.

At the start of his journey, Othmane begun with just Ksh. 8,700 ($80), a small backpack, and a borrowed cheap pocket camera. It explains the story of how Othmane walked, hitchhiked, cycled and skateboarded over 30,000 km through 24 countries including Kenya.

Othmane directs and executive produces ‘Africa and I’, using the 100s of hours of footage he taught himself to shoot along the way. At the end of his trip, he met Chris Green writer and producer on the 2021 SAFTA winner Chasing the Sun with whom he collaborated to produce the documentary.

Showmax offers new subscribers a 14-day free trial. The mobile subscription fee for Showmax is now Ksh. 300 ($3) per month.

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